Thursday, 11 May 2017

Suzy Favor Hamilton - How She Went From Competing as An Olympic Runner To Be Exposed As An Escort


Going From Competing In The Olympic Games To  A Las Vegas Escort

Suzy was originally known as a former track star competing in many events including three Olympic games, she competed for the Americans (USA) and she never managed to pick up any medals at the games but she did admit that when she competed in Sydney (2000) she admitted to falling on purpose when she was in for a medal but ended up by being lapped by the other runners.

It was only till the year 2012 that Suzy Favor Hamilton was exposed as working as a $600 per hour Las Vegas escort which is the more high class price category but she did claim that due to her undiagnosed bipolar disorder this fuelled her craze and made sex her highest priority but whether or not this was the case is another matter and as stated this was never proven.

Suzy was actually a married mother when she came into the limelight as working as a call girl and she was rumoured to be working under the name of "Kelly Lundy" for an agency which we are unsure of. In her latest excerpt Suzy claimed on her first meet she was invited to a luxurious penthouse by a CEO of a major business where she stated she made £1200 for just two hours work and she claimed this was something she loved to satisfy a man and she even made a bold statement that she would of never got into competing as an athlete if she has tried this beforehand as she didn't enjoy the competition and of course not being the top of her game, Suzy said it made her feel good about herself and she was treated like a proper lady.

It wasn't long before the word got out that Suzy Favor Hamilton was working as a high class call girl and it was one of her clients who leaked this information after finding out she was a famous athlete, Favor stated that this was a massive turning point in her life where she felt embarrassed and demoralised about herself and she did even contemplate suicide after hitting the rock bottom point of her life but luckily she managed to get the help which she needed to get her life back on track.

You can find the full story of what Hamilton had to say about her high class life as a Las Vegas escort by heading over to the

Suzy actually went on vacation in Las Vegas to celebrate the 20th anniversary mark with her husband Mark and she even suggested that the pair met up with a female friend of hers where they could engage in a "threesome" in order to spice up their marriage and sex lives.

While Suzy was working as an escort in Las Vegas she had left both her husband and son Kyle at home both without a clue that the real reason she was going to sin city was to meet high profile business men where she performed and entertained for them, Suzy said that once she has her first encounter she just wanted more and it encouraged her to bring all her sexual fantasies to life and even though they were things that nice girls wouldn't do, it made her feel incredible about herself.

Suzy does now see the repercussions of what she has done but when you are a high profile athlete yourself the media is always going to hammer you for this but she did state to the People that her mistakes were greater than others but of course nobody is perfect, we are all human and everyone makes mistakes and life is of course to short to live with your head in between your tail! But when you are a public figure you are always going to get the worse end of the stick and sadly that is just how it is the media will rip you to shreds for it.

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